Effective date: 6/24/2014

    (1) Licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall not be transferable and shall expire on July 31st of each odd numbered year of the biennial renewal cycle. A license may be renewed without examination for an ensuing two years by making application to the licensing District not later than the expiration date of the license and paying the biennial renewal fee. A contractor shall include his or her current address in each license renewal application. Such application shall extend the validity of the current active license until the District takes final agency action on the license renewal application.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 62-531.330

  • Administrator: means an entity awarded a contract by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to implement a program of approved coursework for water well contractor licensure and license renewal. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
  • Approved Coursework: means Administrator or Department-approved training or instruction required for licensure and license renewal. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
  • CEC: means attendance and completion of one hour (at least fifty minutes) of approved coursework or instruction that has been converted to a CEC by the Administrator or the Department. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
  • Coursework Hour: means one hour (at least fifty minutes) of training or instruction. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
  • Department: means the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
  • District: means a Water Management District created pursuant to Chapter 373, F. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
    (2) Twelve CECs shall be required for renewal of a license. A minimum of six approved coursework hours for CE credit must be specifically related and relevant to water well construction industry drilling technologies, methodologies and practices and/or applicable State of Florida water well licensing, permitting and construction statutes and rules. No more than six approved coursework hours for CEC may be specifically related and relevant to water well construction industry health and safety requirements, practices and procedures and/or business management and accounting practices and procedures.
    (3) Water well contractor licenses shall be renewed only after the license holder has completed twelve approved coursework hours for CEC earned in the two-year period directly preceding the last day (July 31st) of the biennial renewal cycle. However, if a water well contractor has received his or her first license within 180 days before the end of the biennium renewal of licenses, the continuing education requirements shall be waived for the licensee’s first renewal cycle. Completion of approved coursework hours can be converted one time to either CECs for contractor licensing or for contractor license point reduction, but not both.
    (4) Each application for license renewal shall include copies of certificates of completion of CEUs. Confirmation of approved coursework completion will be accepted from the Department or the Administrator, if available, in lieu of certificates of completion.
    (5) A Florida licensed water well contractor who teaches approved coursework shall receive one CEC for each coursework hour of instruction.
    (6) If a license is not renewed pursuant to subsection (1) before July 31 of each odd numbered year, the current license shall automatically revert to inactive status and may be renewed only in accordance with the requirements in Rule 62-531.360, F.A.C.
    (7) Notwithstanding the renewal requirements of this chapter and Florida Statutes § 373.324(3), and those in Florida Statutes § 250.4815, for members of the Florida National Guard and the United States Armed Forces Reserves, any active water well contractor license issued under this chapter to a service member as defined in Florida Statutes § 250.01, or his or her spouse, both of whom reside in Florida, shall not become inactive while the service member is serving on military orders that take him or her over 35 miles from his or her residence and shall be considered an active license for up to 180 days after the service member returns to his or her Florida residence. If the license renewal requirements are met within the 180-day extension period, the service member or his or her spouse shall not be charged any additional costs, including late fees, above the normal license fees. This subsection does not waive renewal requirements such as registering, continuing education, and all associated fees. The service member must present to the water management district issuing the license a copy of his or her official military orders or a written verification from the member’s commanding officer before the end of the 180-day period in order to qualify for the extension.
    (8) No application for a renewal shall be granted if the applicant’s license is suspended or revoked pursuant to Rule 62-531.450, F.A.C., until the period for such suspension or revocation has expired and the applicant is in compliance with any outstanding corrective actions, orders, or payment of any fines ordered by the District or delegated permitting authority.
    (9) If at any time during licensure the contractor changes his or her residence or principal place of business, which ever was initially submitted to the licensing District, the contractor shall notify the licensing District within 30 days of any change of address..
Rulemaking Authority 373.043, 373.309, 373.337 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 373.323, 373.324, 373.326, 373.329. History—New 5-25-89, Formerly 17-531.330, Amended 7-17-03, 11-25-07, 6-22-14.