Effective date: 11/25/2007

    (1) The following fees are required for water well contractor license applications, biennial renewals, and late renewals:

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 62-531.340

  • Administrator: means an entity awarded a contract by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to implement a program of approved coursework for water well contractor licensure and license renewal. See Florida Regulations 62-531.200
    (a) New License: A fee of $150 shall accompany each new application for a license.
    (b) Biennial License Renewal: A fee of $50 shall accompany each application for a renewal of license.
    (c) Late License Renewal: After July 31 of each odd numbered year, in addition to the normal license renewal fee, a late fee of $75 shall accompany each application for renewal of a license which has been inactive for one year or less.
    (d) Administrative Fee for CEUs for License Renewal: A fee of $14 per CEU shall be submitted to the Administrator with the documentation of course completion.
    (2) Regular employees of a political subdivision or governmental entity engaged in water well drilling shall be licensed in accordance with this chapter, but shall be exempt from paying the fees required in this chapter.
Rulemaking Authority 373.043, 373.309 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 373.323, 373.324, 373.329. History—New 5-25-89, Formerly 17-531.340, Amended 11-25-07.