Effective date: 6/24/2014

    (1) Water well contractor examinations shall be written, comprehensive examinations that are standardized statewide. Upon request, however, the exam can be administered orally by the District. The standardized examinations shall be prepared by the Department, in consultation with the Districts and representatives of the water well contracting industry. The examinations shall be designed to determine the applicant’s knowledge of applicable rules; ability to construct, repair, and abandon a well; and ability to supervise, direct, manage, and control the contracting activities of the water well contracting business.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 62-531.350

    (2) A grade on the examination of seventy percent or more shall be passing. Results of the examination shall be reported as either passing or failing. Each applicant is entitled to review the graded examination in the District office under staff supervision. Graded examinations are exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Section 119.071(1)(a), F.S., and shall not be revealed to persons other than the applicant who completed the examination. Examinations or copies of examinations shall not be released to applicants or to the public and shall be retained by the Districts in a secured location.
    (3) Examinations shall be given by the District monthly as scheduled by the District.
    (4) Examinations shall be conducted at the Water Management District in which the applicant resides or in which his principal place of business is located. Examinations for out of state applicants shall be conducted in the District in which most of the business of the applicant will take place.
Rulemaking Authority 373.043, 373.308, 373.309 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 373.323, 373.329. History—New 8-18-73, Amended 10-9-84, Formerly 17-20.03, 17-20.030, Amended 5-25-89, Formerly 17-531.350, Amended 11-25-07, 6-22-14.