(1) Purpose. This chapter establishes a process for procuring pollution response action contracts for the Department of Environmental Protection’s Waste Cleanup Program, as defined by this rule chapter.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 62-787.100

    (2) Applicability. The procedures set forth in this chapter shall be followed for the procurement of Continuing Contracts for pollution response action contracts. These rules do not apply to procurements for:
    (a) A contract for a single Project or Site that can be identified prior to the procurement,
    (b) A contract for a Project or Site where the construction cost or Professional Services fee exceed the limits set forth in Section 287.055(2)(g), F.S., or
    (c) response actions addressed pursuant to rule Fl. Admin. Code Chapter 62-772
    (3) The Department may declare an emergency and waive the procurement requirements described in this rule chapter. An emergency is a set of circumstances caused by a sudden unexpected turn of events (e.g., circumstances in Florida Statutes § 403.1655, acts of God, riot, fires, floods, accidents or any circumstances or causes beyond the control of the Department in the normal conduct of its business) where the delay incident to this procurement method would result in an immediate danger to the public health, safety or welfare or other substantial loss to the state.
    (4) Within four years of the effective date of this rule, the Department will evaluate this rule to determine if the Department needs to repeal this rule in accordance with the procedures set forth in Florida Statutes § 120.54
Rulemaking Authority 287.0595, 376.303, 403.1655 FS. Law Implemented 287.055, 287.0595, 376.30, 376.301, 376.303, 376.305, 376.307, 376.3078 FS. History”‘New 11-17-20.