Effective date: 8/6/2019

    (1) Entities or individuals who wish to become approved providers of continuing education shall register with and apply through CE Broker at https://cebroker.com/providers using the form as referenced in subsection 64B-5.003(1), F.A.C., and submit the following information, documentation and fee:
    (a) The fee set forth in subsection 64B5-15.022(1), F.A.C.;
    (b) The name of the contact person who will fulfill the reporting and documentation requirements for approved providers and who will assure the provider’s compliance with rule 64B5-12.0175, F.A.C.; and,
    (c) The qualifications of all instructors, which may be evidenced by a curriculum vitae or professional licensure in the subject area taught. Because domestic violence courses must contain information specifically appropriate for, directly pertinent to, and useful in, dentistry, all domestic violence instructors shall identify dental injuries indicative of domestic violence, mandatory reporting and patient records confidentiality for dentists under Florida and federal law, and incidence statistics in the dental profession.
    (2) Provider approval may be granted for a period not to exceed the time from the date of approval to the end of the next successive licensure biennium after approval was obtained. Application for renewal of provider status shall be made at least 90 days prior to the end of the biennium in which approval expires and must be accompanied by the biennial renewal fee set forth in subsection 64B5-15.022(2), F.A.C. Renewal applications shall contain all information required for initial provider approval as well as course outlines and information evidencing compliance with rule 64B5-12.0175, F.A.C., for each course offered during the provider status.
    (3) Study clubs which are composed of at least five licensees, are formed for the purpose of scientific study and which have adopted written by-laws may apply to become approved continuing education providers.
Rulemaking Authority 456.027, 466.004(4), 466.014 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 456.027, 466.0135, 466.014. History—New 4-2-86, Amended 10-26-87, 1-18-89, 7-9-90, 5-2-91, Formerly 21G-12.017, 61F5-12.017, 59Q-12.017, Amended 8-19-97, 10-29-00, 5-20-01, 8-6-19.