Effective date: 5/12/2016

    (1) To receive Board approval, programs seeking to provide continuing education credit for the provision of pro bono dental services must meet the following guidelines:
    (a) Programs must be organized as or as part of a not-for-profit entity that provides substantial pro bono dental services to the indigent or dentally underserved populations or persons who reside in areas of critical need within Florida.
    (b) The program must require the dentist and dental hygienist volunteers to provide beneficial dental services to indigent patients, without compensation.
    (c) Any volunteer dental hygienist must be under the appropriate supervision of a Florida licensed dentist as set forth in Chapter 64B5-16, F.A.C.
    (d) The program must require the volunteer dentist or dental hygienist to register with the program director or designee before commencing to provide dental or dental hygiene services. Such registration shall occur on each day that the volunteer participates in the pro bono activities.
    (e) The program must require the volunteer dentist or dental hygienist to sign out with the program’s director or designee upon concluding the rendering of pro bono dental or dental hygiene services.
    (f) The program shall calculate the award of continuing education credit based upon the time each dentist or dental hygienist has actually dedicated to the performance of substantial professional dental or dental hygiene services for indigent patients.
    (g) The program must retain documentation of the number of hours of volunteer professional service contributed by each volunteer involved in the program’s pro bono activities. This documentation shall contain the name and license number of each participant; the dates and times of all pro bono activity; the location of the related patient records; and in the case of dental hygienist volunteers, the name and license number of the supervising Florida licensed dentist. Such records must be maintained for a minimum of 4 years following the biennium in which the pro bono services are provided.
    (2) The following pro bono programs are found by the Board to meet the foregoing requirements and are hereby approved by the Board:
    (a) Programs affiliated with Project Dentists Care.
    (b) Programs operated by accredited dental colleges or schools and accredited dental hygiene programs.
    (c) Florida Dental Association Foundation and Florida Mission of Mercy.
    (3) Other formalized not-for-profit programs may petition for Board approval by filing a written petition with the Board that establishes the program’s compliance with the requirements of this rule.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 456.013(9). Implements Florida Statutes § 456.013(9). History—New 2-15-99, Amended 5-12-16.