Effective date: 2/25/2015

    Each applicant applying for a Florida dental license is required to complete the examinations as provided for in Florida Statutes § 466.006 The Florida examinations for dentistry shall consist of a Written Examination, a Practical or Clinical Examination and a Diagnostic Skills Examination. All three examinations will be conducted in English. Applicants for examination or re-examination must have taken and successfully completed Part I and Part II of the National Board of Dental Examiners dental examination.

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 64B5-2.013

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    (1) Practical or Clinical Examination:
    (a) Effective October 1, 2011, the Florida Practical or Clinical Examination and the Diagnostic Skills Examination is currently the American Dental Licensing Examination (ADLEX) developed by the American Board of Dental Examiners, Inc., or its successor entity if the successor entity is determined by the Board of Dentistry to comply with the provision of Florida Statutes § 466.006 The ADLEX is inclusive of a comprehensive diagnostic skills examination covering the full scope of the practice of dentistry.
    (b) The ADLEX shall be administered in the State of Florida and shall be graded by Florida licensed dentists.
    (c) All parts of the ADLEX shall be completed within eighteen (18) months from the initial start of any portion of the examination. A failure to complete all parts of the examination within eighteen (18) months will require the applicant to retake the entire examination.
    (d) Each part of the ADLEX shall be completed with a grade of at least seventy-five (75%) percent.
    (e) Provided the Board of Dentistry maintains representation on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Dental Examiners, Inc., and the Examination Development Committee of the American Board of Dental Examiners Inc., the practical or clinical examination procedures, standards, and criteria of the ADLEX are approved.
    (f) If any portion of the clinical or practical portion of the ADLEX exam was completed in a jurisdiction other than Florida, applicants must comply with the applicable provisions of Sections 466.006(4)(b)3. and 466.006(6), F.S., Rules 64B5-2.0150 and 64B5-2.0152, F.A.C.
    (g) Candidates for the dental examination may only assess patients for suitability as exam patients at a dental office under the direct supervision of a Florida licensed dentist, or at an accredited dental program under the direct supervision of a program faculty member.
    (2) Written Examination:
    (a) The Written Examination for dental licensure shall consist of the laws and rules of the State of Florida regulating the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene.
    (b) A final grade of seventy-five (75%) percent or better is required to pass the Written Examination.
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