R. 64B5-2.013 Florida Dental Examinations
R. 64B5-2.0135 Dental Hygiene Examination
R. 64B5-2.014 Licensure Requirements for Applicants from Accredited Schools or Colleges
R. 64B5-2.0142 Application for Health Access Dental License
R. 64B5-2.0144 Licensure Requirements for Dental Hygiene Applicants from Unaccredited Dental Schools or Colleges
R. 64B5-2.0146 Licensure Requirements for Applicants from Non-Accredited Schools or Colleges
R. 64B5-2.0150 American Dental Licensing Exam Scores from Other Jurisdiction: Full-time Practice Requirements
R. 64B5-2.0152 Licenses Granted Based on The American Dental Licensing Exam from Other Jurisdiction: Full-time Practice Requirements
R. 64B5-2.017 Acceptable Variance of Examiners
R. 64B5-2.021 Additional Education Requirements for Reexamination

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