Effective date: 3/11/1992

    (1) An appropriate disclosure regarding advertised fees is necessary to protect the public since there is no uniform code available which would enable a fair and rational selection based upon advertised fees.
    (2) Any advertisement containing fee information shall contain a disclaimer that the fee is a minimum fee only.
    (3) Any advertised fee for a dental service shall state a specified period during which the fee is in effect or that service shall remain available at or below the advertised fee for at least 90 days following the final advertisement for that service.
    (4) Any dental service for which a fee is advertised shall be accompanied either by a description of that service using the exact wording for that service contained in the American Dental Association’s “Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature” which is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference or by the specific ADA Code number or numbers which accurately and fully describes the advertised dental service. Listing of a category of service (diagnostic, preventive, restorative, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics-removable, prosthodontics-fixed, oral surgery, orthodontics) or a sub-category (any procedure whose ADA Code # ends in 00, i.e., root canal therapy 03300) is not sufficient for the purpose of advertising a fee. The advertisement must specify by use of exact nomenclature or exact code number what procedure within the sub-category is being offered. If no fee is specified for a procedure advertised then a general description of procedure by category or sub-category is permitted.
    (5) Any advertisement for free or discounted services must comply with the requirements of Florida Statutes § 456.062, and must also clearly identify the dates that free, discounted or reduced fee services will be available.
Rulemaking Authority 466.004(4), 466.019 FS. Law Implemented 466.019, 466.028(1)(d) FS. History—New 1-11-89, Amended 10-29-90, 3-11-92, Formerly 21G-4.003, 61F5-4.003, 59Q-4.003.