Effective date: 3/28/1999

    (1) For the purpose of receiving a dental intern permit pursuant to Florida Statutes § 466.025(1), dental internships include dental residency programs for dental school graduates.
    (2) All dental internships or residency programs approved by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation are deemed to be Board approved programs.
    (3) Any hospital or institution which seeks to provide a dental internship or residency program which has not been approved pursuant to subsection 64B5-7.001(2), F.A.C., shall apply to the Board for approval. The application for approval shall contain:
    (a) A plan for operation of the program which establishes compliance with subsection 64B5-7.001(4), F.A.C.;
    (b) An outline of the duties and proposed schedule for dental interns or residents;
    (c) Any information relating to the program review by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation or information regarding the program not being reviewed; and,
    (d) Any other information requested by the Board which is relevant to the Board’s evaluation of the program.
    (4) Any dental internship or residency program shall be directed by an identified staff consisting of at least one Florida licensed dentist who shall provide for the continued education and instruction of the dental interns or residents.
Rulemaking Authority 466.004(4), 466.025 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 466.025. History—New 1-1-75, Formerly 21G-7.01, Amended 1-29-89, Formerly 21G-7.001, 61F5-7.001, 59Q-7.001, Amended 3-28-99.