(1) The case manager shall complete an ongoing family functioning assessment within 30 calendar days following the case transfer.
    (a) The progress update shall be updated at least every three (3) months or at critical junctures until termination of services.
    (b) Ongoing family functioning assessments and progress updates will be documented using FSFN functionality.
    (2) The ongoing family functioning assessment involves the case manager and the family in a joint effort to identify and analyze the family strengths and resources, child well-being, as well as the contributing factors and underlying conditions that contribute to the child’s safety and risk of maltreatment. The ongoing family functioning assessment must include information from the Initial Health Care Assessment and Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment.
Rulemaking Authority Florida Statutes § 409.145(5). Law Implemented 409.145(1) FS. History—New 5-4-06, Amended 2-25-16.