Effective date: 1/7/1979

    All motor vehicle insurance policies in effect on or after January 1, 1979, which provide liability insurance on a vehicle which becomes subject to the Florida Automobile Reparations Reform Act on or after such date, shall be endorsed by the insurer to provide the insurance required by Section 627.733, Florida Statutes. All such policies in effect on or after January 1, 1979 shall, in any event, be deemed to include such amendment and the vehicle owner shall be considered in compliance with the requirements of Section 627.733, Florida Statutes.
Specific Authority 624.308(1) FS. Law Implemented 624.307(1), 627.732(1), 627.733, 627.736 FS. History—New 1-7-79, Formerly 4-27.21, 4-27.021, 4-176.011.