R. 62-709.201 Definitions
R. 62-709.300 General Provisions
R. 62-709.305 Exemptions
R. 62-709.320 General Provisions for Registrations
R. 62-709.330 Specific Criteria for Registration of Yard Trash Processing Facilities
R. 62-709.350 Specific Criteria for Registration of Facilities Composting Vegetative Wastes, Animal Byproducts or Manure, or Blending Manure
R. 62-709.460 Special Permitting Criteria for Solid Waste Organics Recycling Pilot Projects
R. 62-709.500 Design Criteria for Permitted Facilities
R. 62-709.510 Operation Criteria for Permitted Facilities
R. 62-709.530 Testing, Recording and Reporting Requirements
R. 62-709.550 Classification of Compost
R. 62-709.600 Criteria for the Use of Compost
R. 62-709.901 Forms

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