(1) There is created and established the Conference of Circuit Judges of Florida. The conference consists of the active and retired circuit judges of the several judicial circuits of the state, excluding retired judges practicing law.
(2) The conference shall annually elect a chair. The chair shall call all meetings and appoint committees to effectuate the purposes of the conference.
(3) The conference shall operate according to the Rules of Judicial Administration adopted by the Supreme Court. The responsibilities of the conference include:

(a) Considering and making recommendations concerning the betterment of the judicial system of the state and its various parts;
(b) Considering and making recommendations concerning the improvement of rules and methods of procedure and practice in the several courts;
(c) Reporting to the Supreme Court its findings and recommendations under this subsection; and
(d) Providing the Legislature with such recommendations as the conference may have concerning defects in the laws of this state and such amendments or additional legislation as the conference may deem necessary regarding the administration of justice.