The department shall:

(1) Administer ss. 446.011446.092.
(2) Administer the standards established by the department.
(3) Register in accordance with this chapter any apprenticeship or preapprenticeship program, regardless of affiliation, which meets standards established by the department.
(4) Investigate complaints concerning the failure of any registered program to meet the standards established by the department.
(5) Cancel the registration of any program that fails to comply with the standards and policies of the department or that unreasonably fails or refuses to cooperate with the department in monitoring and enforcing compliance with the standards.
(6) Develop and encourage apprenticeship programs.
(7) Lead and coordinate outreach efforts to educate veterans about apprenticeship and career opportunities.
(8) Cooperate with and assist local apprenticeship sponsors in the development of their apprenticeship standards and training requirements.
(9) Encourage registered apprenticeship programs to grant consideration and credit to individuals completing registered preapprenticeship programs.
(10) Monitor registered apprenticeship programs to ensure that they are being operated in compliance with all applicable standards.
(11) Supervise all apprenticeship programs that are registered with the department.
(12) Ensure that minority and gender diversity are considered in administering this program.
(13) Adopt rules required to administer ss. 446.011446.092.