Terms Used In Florida Statutes 501.33

  • Insurer: includes an insurance company and any person authorized to represent the insurer with respect to a claim and who is parting within the scope of the person's authority. See Florida Statutes 501.32
  • Repair facility: means a motor vehicle dealer, garage, body shop, or other commercial entity which undertakes the repair or replacement of those parts that generally constitute the exterior of a motor vehicle. See Florida Statutes 501.32
In all instances where nonoriginal equipment manufacturer aftermarket crash parts are used in preparing an estimate for repairs, the written estimate prepared by the insurer or the repair facility, or both, shall clearly identify each such part. A disclosure shall be attached to, or included in, the estimate and shall contain the following information in no smaller than 10-point type: THIS ESTIMATE HAS BEEN PREPARED BASED ON THE USE OF CRASH PARTS SUPPLIED BY A SOURCE OTHER THAN THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR MOTOR VEHICLE. THE AFTERMARKET CRASH PARTS USED IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS ESTIMATE ARE WARRANTED BY THE MANUFACTURER OR DISTRIBUTOR OF SUCH PARTS RATHER THAN THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR VEHICLE.