§ 559.901 Short title
§ 559.902 Scope and application
§ 559.903 Definitions
§ 559.904 Motor vehicle repair shop registration; application; exemption
§ 559.905 Written motor vehicle repair estimate and disclosure statement required
§ 559.907 Charges for motor vehicle repair estimate; requirement of waiver of rights prohibited
§ 559.909 Notification of charges in excess of repair estimate; unlawful charges; refusal to return vehicle prohibited; inspection of parts
§ 559.911 Invoice required of motor vehicle repair shop
§ 559.915 Motor vehicle repair shop records
§ 559.916 Required disclosure; signs; notice to customers
§ 559.917 Bond to release possessory lien claimed by motor vehicle repair shop
§ 559.919 Enforcement of liens restricted
§ 559.920 Unlawful acts and practices
§ 559.921 Remedies
§ 559.9215 Deposit of fees and fines
§ 559.92201 Rulemaking power
§ 559.9221 Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council

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  • Acupuncturist: means any person licensed as provided in this chapter to practice acupuncture as a primary health care provider. See Florida Statutes 559.801
  • Board: means the Board of Acupuncture. See Florida Statutes 559.801
  • Board: means the Board of Medicine. See Florida Statutes 559.905
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  • License: means the document of authorization issued by the department for a person to engage in the practice of acupuncture. See Florida Statutes 559.801
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