(1) The Florida Forest Service is designated and authorized as the agent of the state to cooperate with the United States Secretary of Agriculture under the provisions of “ss. 4 and 5, Chapter 348, 43 Statutes 654, Acts of Congress, June 7, 1924, known as the Clarke-McNary Law,” to assist owners of farms in establishing, improving, and renewing woodlots, shelterbelts, windbreaks, and other valuable forest growth; in growing and renewing useful timber crops; and to cooperate with the wood-using industries or other agencies, governmental or otherwise, interested in proper land use, forest management, and conservative forest utilization.
(2) As a means of providing seedling trees for the purposes of this section, the Florida Forest Service is authorized to operate a seedling tree nursery program and to set reasonable prices for the sale to the public of seedling trees. Receipts from the sale of seedling trees shall be deposited into the Incidental Trust Fund of the Florida Forest Service.