Terms Used In Florida Statutes 61.773

  • Court: means the court of legal jurisdiction. See Florida Statutes 1011.08
  • Custodial responsibility: includes all powers and duties relating to caretaking authority and decisionmaking authority for a child. See Florida Statutes 1011.08
  • Deployment: means the movement or mobilization of a servicemember for less than 18 months pursuant to uniformed service orders that:
    (a) Are designated as unaccompanied;
    (b) Do not authorize dependent travel; or
    (c) Otherwise do not permit the movement of family members to the location to which the servicemember is deployed. See Florida Statutes 1011.08
  • Servicemember: means a member of a uniformed service. See Florida Statutes 1011.08
This act does not:

(1) Affect the validity of a temporary agreement or court order concerning custodial responsibility during deployment entered before July 1, 2018.
(2) Apply to a permanent change of station move by a servicemember, which shall be governed by s. 61.13001.