Terms Used In Idaho Code 31-3615

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
The county hospital board shall have power to contract for, purchase and pay for all material, equipment, services and supplies necessary or convenient for the efficient, economical and successful operation and maintenance of the county hospital properties. The county hospital board may make expenditures in accordance with the provisions of chapter 28, title 67, Idaho Code. Moreover, the county hospital board which participates with other hospitals as a member of a group purchasing association that engages in a formal competitive bidding process on behalf of member institutions for the purchase of hospital supplies and equipment may utilize that bidding process established by chapter 28, title 67, Idaho Code. For purposes of this subsection, payment for services may include reasonable expenses incident to the hiring or maintaining of hospital staff, chief executive officers, board members or operating employee personnel, to be incurred and paid under rules and regulations adopted and approved as described in section 31-3610, Idaho Code.