R. 59A-3.065 Definitions
R. 59A-3.066 Licensure Procedure
R. 59A-3.077 Fire Protection
R. 59A-3.078 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
R. 59A-3.079 Physical Plant Codes and Standards Hospitals
R. 59A-3.080 Plans Submission and Fee Requirements
R. 59A-3.081 Physical Plant Requirements for Mobile Surgical Facilities
R. 59A-3.2085 Department and Services
R. 59A-3.250 Surveillance, Prevention, and Control of Infection
R. 59A-3.251 Hospital Reporting of Exposure to Selected Infectious Diseases
R. 59A-3.252 Classification of Hospitals
R. 59A-3.253 Investigations and License, Life Safety and Validation Inspections
R. 59A-3.254 Patient Rights and Care
R. 59A-3.255 Emergency Care
R. 59A-3.270 Health Information Management
R. 59A-3.271 Quality Improvement
R. 59A-3.272 Governing Body
R. 59A-3.273 Management and Administration
R. 59A-3.274 Anatomical Gifts, Routine Inquiry
R. 59A-3.275 Organized Medical Staff
R. 59A-3.276 Maintenance
R. 59A-3.277 Functional Safety
R. 59A-3.278 Rehabilitation, Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Programs
R. 59A-3.280 Child Abuse and Neglect
R. 59A-3.281 Spontaneous Fetal Demise
R. 59A-3.300 Licensure Procedure for Intensive Residential Treatment Facilities
R. 59A-3.302 Personnel for Intensive Residential Treatment Facilities
R. 59A-3.303 Facilities and Physical Plant Safety
R. 59A-3.310 Intensive Residential Treatment Facility Services