18-3301 Deadly Weapon — Possession With Intent to Assault
18-3302 Concealed Weapons
18-3302A Sale of Weapons to Minors
18-3302B Carrying Concealed Weapons Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
18-3302C Prohibited Conduct
18-3302D Possessing Weapons or Firearms On School Property
18-3302E Possession of a Weapon by a Minor
18-3302F Prohibition of Possession of Certain Weapons by a Minor
18-3302G Exceptions
18-3302H Carrying of Concealed Firearms by Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officers
18-3302I Threatening Violence On School Grounds
18-3302J Preemption of Firearms Regulation
18-3302K Issuance of Enhanced Licenses to Carry Concealed Weapons
18-3303 Exhibition or Use of Deadly Weapon
18-3304 Aiming Firearms At Others
18-3305 Discharge of Arms Aimed At Another
18-3306 Injuring Another by Discharge of Aimed Firearms
18-3307 Civil Liability for Injury by Firearm
18-3308 Selling Explosives, Ammunition or Firearms to Minors
18-3309 Authority of Governing Boards of Public Colleges and Universities Regarding Firearms
18-3310 Shipping Loaded Firearms
18-3311 Keeping Gunpowder or Other Explosives in Towns
18-3312 Injuring Another by Careless Handling and Discharge of Firearms
18-3313 False Reports of Explosives in Public or Private Places a Felony — Penalty
18-3314 Resident\’s Purchase of Firearm Out-of-State
18-3315 Nonresident — Purchase of Firearm in Idaho
18-3315A Prohibition of Federal Regulation of Certain Firearms
18-3315B Prohibition of Regulation of Certain Firearms
18-3316 Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
18-3317 Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm At a Dwelling House, Occupied Building, Vehicle or Mobile Home
18-3318 Definitions
18-3319 Unlawful Possession of Bombs or Destructive Devices
18-3319A Unlawful Acts — Hoax Destructive Device
18-3320 Unlawful Use of Destructive Device or Bomb
18-3320A Disposal of Destructive Devices or Bombs
18-3321 Persons Exempt
18-3322 Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction — Definition
18-3323 Biological Weapons — Definitions
18-3324 Use of Chemical Weapons — Definitions
18-3325 Prohibition — Possession — Use of Conducted Energy Device — Penalties