Sec. 295. (a) “Provider”, for purposes of IC 16-21-8, has the meaning set forth in IC 16-21-8-0.2.

     (b) “Provider”, for purposes of IC 16-38-5, IC 16-39 (except for IC 16-39-7), and IC 16-41-1 through IC 16-41-9, means any of the following:

(1) An individual (other than an individual who is an employee or a contractor of a hospital, a facility, or an agency described in subdivision (2) or (3)) who is licensed, registered, or certified as a health care professional, including the following:

(A) A physician.

(B) A psychotherapist.

(C) A dentist.

(D) A registered nurse.

(E) A licensed practical nurse.

(F) An optometrist.

(G) A podiatrist.

(H) A chiropractor.

(I) A physical therapist.

(J) A psychologist.

(K) An audiologist.

(L) A speech-language pathologist.

(M) A dietitian.

(N) An occupational therapist.

(O) A respiratory therapist.

(P) A pharmacist.

(Q) A sexual assault nurse examiner.

(2) A hospital or facility licensed under IC 16-21-2 or IC 12-25 or described in IC 12-24-1 or IC 12-29.

(3) A health facility licensed under IC 16-28-2.

(4) A home health agency licensed under IC 16-27-1.

(5) An employer of a certified emergency medical technician, a certified advanced emergency medical technician, or a licensed paramedic.

(6) The state department or a local health department or an employee, agent, designee, or contractor of the state department or local health department.

     (c) “Provider”, for purposes of IC 16-39-7-1, has the meaning set forth in IC 16-39-7-1(a).

     (d) “Provider”, for purposes of IC 16-48-1, has the meaning set forth in IC 16-48-1-3.

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