Note: This version of section effective until 1-1-2021. See also following version of this section, effective 1-1-2021.

     Sec. 4. The physician last in attendance upon the deceased or the person in charge of interment shall secure the personal data required by the state department by rules adopted under IC 4-22-2 for preparation of the certificate of death or of stillbirth from the persons best qualified to give the information.

[Pre-1993 Recodification Citation: 16-1-17-2.]

As added by P.L.2-1993, SEC.20. Amended by P.L.156-2011, SEC.36.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 16-37-3-4

  • person in charge of interment: means a person who places or causes to be placed a stillborn child or dead body or the ashes, after cremation, in a grave, vault, urn, or other receptacle, or otherwise disposes of the body or ashes. See Indiana Code 16-37-3-2