Sec. 2. This section applies to a student who initially enrolls in a state educational institution after July 31, 2014. A state educational institution shall develop a degree map for each full-time student based on the student’s specific educational objective or course of study. A full-time student’s degree map must contain:

(1) an academic term by academic term sequence of course options that will allow the full-time student to complete either:

Terms Used In Indiana Code 21-12-14-2

(A) a baccalaureate degree within four (4) academic years; or

(B) an associate degree within two (2) academic years;

in the student’s intended field of study;

(2) the expected date that the student will earn a baccalaureate degree or an associate degree described in subdivision (1);

(3) the academic requirements that a student must complete each academic year to timely earn a degree described in subdivision (1); and

(4) any information the commission determines is appropriate under section 1 of this chapter.

As added by P.L.281-2013, SEC.30.