Sec. 4. The commission shall do all the following:

(1) Develop a promotional program to inform and attract students to participate in the next generation Hoosier educators scholarship program.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 21-12-16-4

  • program: means the next generation Hoosier educators scholarship program established by section 2 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 21-12-16-1
(2) Establish protocols and procedures concerning the application process for the program.

(3) Develop protocols, in consultation with accredited postsecondary educational institutions approved by the commission under section 10 of this chapter, to ensure successful completion of the program and assist graduates in completing the requirements of the program.

(4) Establish, in coordination with the governor’s office, a guide for the management of the program by commission personnel.

(5) Designate personnel to manage the program.

As added by P.L.105-2016, SEC.1.