Sec. 5. “Fund”:

(1) for purposes of IC 21-13-2, refers to the William A. Crawford minority teacher scholarship fund established by IC 21-13-2-1;

(2) for purposes of IC 21-13-4, refers to the National Guard tuition supplement program fund established by IC 21-13-4-1;

(3) for purposes of IC 21-13-5, refers to the National Guard scholarship extension fund established by IC 21-13-5-1;

(4) for purposes of IC 21-13-6, refers to the primary care physician loan forgiveness fund established by IC 21-13-6-3; and

(5) for purposes of IC 21-13-6.5, refers to the medical residency education fund established by IC 21-13-6.5-1.

[Pre-2007 Higher Education Recodification Citations: New; 20-12-21.9-3; 20-12-21.7-3.]

As added by P.L.2-2007, SEC.254. Amended by P.L.144-2007, SEC.19; P.L.170-2009, SEC.3; P.L.205-2013, SEC.315; P.L.149-2016, SEC.50; P.L.148-2016, SEC.1.