Sec. 2. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision regarding the fees to be assessed by a board, a board shall establish by rule and cause to be collected fees for the following:

(1) Examination of applicants for licensure, registration, or certification.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 25-1-8-2

(2) Issuance, renewal, or transfer of a license, registration, or certificate.

(3) Restoration of an expired license, registration, or certificate when such action is authorized by law.

(4) Issuance of licenses by reciprocity or endorsement for out-of-state applicants.

(5) Issuance of board or committee reciprocity or endorsements for practitioners licensed, certified, or registered in Indiana who apply to another state for a license.

No fee shall be less than ten dollars ($10) unless the fee is collected under a rule adopted by the board which sets a fee for miscellaneous expenses incurred by the board on behalf of the practitioners the board regulates.

     (b) Fees established by statute shall remain in effect until replaced by a new fee adopted by rule under this section.

     (c) In no case shall the fees be less than are required to pay all of the costs, both direct and indirect, of the operation of the board.

     (d) For the payment of fees, a board shall accept cash, a draft, a money order, a cashier’s check, and a certified or other personal check. If a board receives an uncertified personal check for the payment of a fee and if the check does not clear the bank, the board may void the license, registration, or certificate for which the check was received.

     (e) Unless designated by rule, a fee is not refundable.

     (f) A board shall charge a fee of not more than twenty-five dollars ($25) for the issuance of a duplicate license, registration, or certificate.

As added by Acts 1981, P.L.223, SEC.1. Amended by Acts 1982, P.L.113, SEC.13; P.L.169-1985, SEC.31; P.L.48-1991, SEC.18; P.L.33-1993, SEC.13; P.L.235-1995, SEC.1; P.L.197-2007, SEC.19.