Sec. 3. As used in this chapter, “capital improvement fund” means a township fund, the money in which may be used for the payment of capital improvements. The term includes:

(1) the general fund;

(2) the fire protection and emergency services fund under IC 36-8-13;

(3) a cumulative firefighting building and equipment fund under IC 36-8-14;

(4) an equipment replacement fund under IC 36-8-19-8.5;

(5) a cumulative township vehicle and building fund under IC 36-9-17.5;

(6) a cumulative building fund under IC 36-10-7.5-19;

(7) a public park fund under IC 36-10-7-7; and

(8) any other fund established by a township for the payment of capital improvements.

As added by P.L.129-2019, SEC.4.