§ 36-8-4-1 Application of chapter
§ 36-8-4-2 Residence requirements
§ 36-8-4-3 Use of departmental vehicles
§ 36-8-4-4 Provision of uniforms and equipment; cash allowance
§ 36-8-4-4.5 Body armor for active members of police departments
§ 36-8-4-5 Care of police officers and firefighters injured or contracting illnesses as a result of performance of duties
§ 36-8-4-6 Promotions
§ 36-8-4-6.5 Police chiefs or deputy police chiefs; requirements
§ 36-8-4-7 Age limitations; aptitude, physical agility, and physical examinations
§ 36-8-4-8 Police officers; maximum work week; compensation for additional time
§ 36-8-4-9 Firefighters; hours of work
§ 36-8-4-10 Public safety officers; preference for employment
§ 36-8-4-11 Layoffs; reinstatement
§ 36-8-4-12 Probationary appointments

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