Terms Used In Iowa Code 252F.2

  • Child: means a person who is less than age eighteen or a person who is age eighteen but less than age nineteen and is engaged full-time in completing high school graduation or equivalency requirements in a manner which is reasonably expected to result in completion of the requirements prior to the person reaching age nineteen. See Iowa Code 252F.1
  • Paternity is at issue: means any of the following conditions:
  • Unit: means the child support recovery unit created in section 252B. See Iowa Code 252F.1
 In any case in which the unit is providing services pursuant to chapter 252B and paternity is at issue, proceedings may be initiated by the unit pursuant to this chapter for the sole purpose of establishing paternity and any accrued or accruing child support or medical support obligations. Proceedings under this chapter are in addition to other means of establishing paternity or support. Issues in addition to establishment of paternity or support obligations shall not be addressed in proceedings initiated under this chapter.
 An action to establish paternity and support under this chapter may be brought within the time limitations set forth in section 614.8.