1. A putative father or other party may waive the time limitations established in this chapter.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 252F.8

  • Administrator: means the administrator of the child support recovery unit of the department of human services or the administrator's designee. See Iowa Code 252F.1
  • Party: means a putative father or a mother, as named in an action. See Iowa Code 252F.1
  • Putative father: means a person alleged to be the biological father of a child. See Iowa Code 252F.1
 2. If a party does not contest paternity or wish to request a conference or court hearing on the issue of support, upon receipt of a signed statement from the putative father and any other party that may contest establishment of paternity, waiving the time limitations, the administrator shall enter an order establishing paternity and support and the court may approve the order, notwithstanding the expiration of the period of the time limitations if paternity is established.
 3. If a putative father or other party waives the time limitations and an order establishing paternity or determining support, or both, is entered under this chapter, the signed statement of the putative father and other party waiving the time limitations shall be filed with the order.