1. An offender may request that the department determine whether the offense for which the offender has been convicted requires the offender to register under this chapter or whether the period of time during which the offender is required to register under this chapter has expired.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 692A.116

  • Convicted: means found guilty of, pleads guilty to, or is sentenced or adjudicated delinquent for an act which is an indictable offense in this state or in another jurisdiction including in a federal, military, tribal, or foreign court, including but not limited to a juvenile who has been adjudicated delinquent, but whose juvenile court records have been sealed under section 232. See Iowa Code 692A.101
  • Department: means the department of public safety. See Iowa Code 692A.101
 2. Application for determination shall be filed with the department and shall be made on forms provided by the department and accompanied by copies of sentencing or adjudicatory orders with respect to each offense for which the offender asks that a determination be made.
 3. The department, after filing of the request and after all documentation or information requested by the department is received, shall have ninety days from the filing of the request, to determine whether the offender is required to register under this chapter.