1. Any person who is not disqualified under section 724.8, who satisfies the training requirements of section 724.9, and who files an application in accordance with section 724.10 shall be issued a nonprofessional permit to carry weapons. Such permits shall be on a form prescribed and published by the commissioner of public safety, which shall be readily distinguishable from the professional permit, and shall identify the holder of the permit. Such permits shall not be issued for a particular weapon and shall not contain information about a particular weapon including the make, model, or serial number of the weapon or any ammunition used in that weapon. All permits so issued shall be for a period of five years and shall be valid throughout the state except where the possession or carrying of a firearm is prohibited by state or federal law.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 724.7

  • person: means individual, corporation, limited liability company, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership or association, or any other legal entity. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • state: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories, and the words "United States" may include the said district and territories. See Iowa Code 4.1
 2. The commissioner of public safety shall develop a process to allow service members deployed for military service to submit a renewal of a nonprofessional permit to carry weapons early and by mail. In addition, a permit issued to a service member who is deployed for military service, as defined in section 29A.1, subsection 3, 8, or 12, that would otherwise expire during the period of deployment shall remain valid for ninety days after the end of the service member’s deployment.