§ 724.1 Offensive weapons
§ 724.1A Firearm suppressors — certification.
§ 724.1B Firearm suppressors — penalty.
§ 724.1C Short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun — penalty.
§ 724.2 Authority to possess offensive weapons
§ 724.2A Peace officer — defined — reserved peace officer included.
§ 724.3 Unauthorized possession of offensive weapons
§ 724.4 Carrying weapons
§ 724.4A Weapons free zones — enhanced penalties.
§ 724.4B Carrying firearms on school grounds — penalty — exceptions.
§ 724.4C Possession or carrying of dangerous weapons while under the influence
§ 724.5 Duty to carry permit to carry weapons
§ 724.6 Professional permit to carry weapons
§ 724.7 Nonprofessional permit to carry weapons
§ 724.8 Persons ineligible for permit to carry weapons
§ 724.9 Firearm safety training
§ 724.10 Application for permit to carry weapons — background check required.
§ 724.11 Issuance of permit to carry weapons
§ 724.11A Recognition
§ 724.12 Permit to carry weapons not transferable
§ 724.13 Suspension or revocation of permit to carry weapons — criminal history background check.
§ 724.14 Nonprofessional permit — change of residence to another county.
§ 724.15 Permit to acquire pistols or revolvers
§ 724.16 Permit to acquire required — transfer prohibited.
§ 724.16A Trafficking in stolen weapons
§ 724.17 Permit to acquire — criminal history check.
§ 724.18 Procedure for making application for permit to acquire
§ 724.19 Issuance of permit to acquire
§ 724.20 Validity of permit to acquire pistols or revolvers
§ 724.21 Giving false information when acquiring pistol or revolver
§ 724.21A Denial, suspension, or revocation of permit to carry weapons or permit to acquire pistols or revolvers
§ 724.22 Persons under twenty-one — sale, loan, gift, making available — possession.
§ 724.23 Records kept by commissioner and issuing officers
§ 724.25 Felony and antique firearm defined
§ 724.26 Possession, receipt, transportation, or dominion and control of firearms, offensive weapons, and ammunition by felons and others
§ 724.27 Offenders’ rights restored.
§ 724.28 Prohibition of regulation by political subdivisions
§ 724.29 Firearm devices
§ 724.29A Fraudulent purchase of firearms or ammunition
§ 724.30 Reckless use of a firearm
§ 724.31 Persons subject to firearm disabilities due to mental health commitments or adjudications — relief from disabilities — reports.

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