§ 252D.1 Delinquent support payments
§ 252D.3 Notice of income withholding
§ 252D.8 Persons subject to immediate income withholding
§ 252D.9 Sums subject to immediate withholding
§ 252D.10 Notice of immediate income withholding
§ 252D.16 Definitions
§ 252D.16A Income withholding order
§ 252D.17 Notice to payor of income
§ 252D.17A Notice to obligor of implementation of income withholding order
§ 252D.18 Modification or termination of withholding
§ 252D.18A Multiple income withholding orders
§ 252D.18B Irregular income
§ 252D.18C Withholding from lump sum payments
§ 252D.19 Other remedies
§ 252D.19A Disparity between order and pay dates
§ 252D.20 Administration of income withholding procedures
§ 252D.21 Penalty for misrepresentation
§ 252D.22 Rules
§ 252D.23 Filing of withholding order
§ 252D.24 Applicability to support orders of other jurisdictions
§ 252D.25 Limitations on scope of proceedings
§ 252D.30 Ex parte order
§ 252D.31 Motion to quash