§ 617.1 Process — criminal defendant.
§ 617.2 Penalty — amendment.
§ 617.3 Foreign corporations or nonresidents contracting or committing torts in Iowa
§ 617.4 Consolidated railways
§ 617.5 Insurance company
§ 617.6 Other corporations
§ 617.7 Unknown defendants
§ 617.8 Holidays
§ 617.9 Unserved parties — optional procedure.
§ 617.10 Real estate — action indexed.
§ 617.11 Lis pendens
§ 617.12 Exceptions
§ 617.13 Real estate in other county
§ 617.14 Constructive notice
§ 617.15 Notice perpetuated
§ 617.16 Frivolous actions

Terms Used In Iowa Code > Chapter 617

  • clerk: means clerk of the court in which the action or proceeding is brought or is pending; and the words "clerk's office" mean the office of that clerk. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • following: when used by way of reference to a chapter or other part of a statute mean the next preceding or next following chapter or other part. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • month: means a calendar month, and the word "year" and the abbreviation "A. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • person: means individual, corporation, limited liability company, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership or association, or any other legal entity. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • property: includes personal and real property. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • real property: include lands, tenements, hereditaments, and all rights thereto and interests therein, equitable as well as legal. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • Rule: includes "regulation". See Iowa Code 4.1
  • state: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories, and the words "United States" may include the said district and territories. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • undertaking: means a promise or security in any form. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • year: means twelve consecutive months. See Iowa Code 4.1