(a) A license expires one year from its effective date unless it is renewed for a one-year term as provided in this section.

(b) Not less than one month before a license expires, the secretary shall send to the licensee, at the last known address of the licensee, a renewal notice that states:

Terms Used In Kansas Statutes 65-5306

  • Business entity: means a partnership, firm, association, corporation, sole proprietorship or other business concern. See Kansas Statutes 65-5301
  • License: means an authorization issued by the secretary permitting a business entity to engage in an asbestos project. See Kansas Statutes 65-5301
  • Month: means a calendar month, unless otherwise expressed. See Kansas Statutes 77-201
  • Secretary: means the secretary of health and environment. See Kansas Statutes 65-5301

(1) The date on which the current license expires;

(2) the date by which the renewal application must be received by the secretary for the renewal license to be issued and mailed before the current license expires; and

(3) the amount of the renewal fee.

(c) Before a license expires, the licensee periodically may renew it for an additional one-year term, if the business entity:

(1) Otherwise is entitled to be licensed;

(2) submits a renewal application to the secretary in the form required by the secretary; and

(3) pays the renewal fee prescribed by the secretary.