Terms Used In Kansas Statutes 65-775

  • Dairy manufacturing plants: means any place where dairy products, grade A milk or milk products are manufactured or prepared for sale or distribution, either at wholesale or retail. See Kansas Statutes 65-771
  • Dairy products: means products which may be made from milk or cream for manufacturing purposes and which are not required to meet grade A standards, including butter, cheese, dry whole milk, nonfat dry milk, dry buttermilk, dry whey, evaporated milk, whole or skim, condensed whole milk, condensed skim milk, sweetened or plain, frozen dairy dessert, and frozen dairy dessert mixes and such other products as may be otherwise designated by rules and regulations. See Kansas Statutes 65-771
  • Milk: means the lacteal secretion, practically free from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows. See Kansas Statutes 65-771
  • Milk products: means cream, light cream, light whipping cream, heavy cream, heavy whipping cream, whipped cream, whipped light cream, sour cream, acidified sour cream, cultured sour cream, half-and-half, sour half-and-half, acidified sour half-and-half, cultured sour half-and-half, reconstituted or recombined milk and milk products, concentrated milk, concentrated milk products, nonfat skim milk, reduced fat or lowfat milk, frozen milk concentrate, eggnog, buttermilk, cultured milk, cultured reduced fat or lowfat milk, cultured nonfat skim milk, yogurt, lowfat yogurt, nonfat yogurt, acidified milk, acidified reduced fat or lowfat milk, acidified nonfat skim milk, low-sodium milk, low-sodium reduced fat or lowfat milk, low-sodium nonfat skim milk, lactose-reduced milk, lactose-reduced reduced fat or lowfat milk, lactose-reduced nonfat skim milk, aseptically processed and packaged milk and milk products, milk, reduced fat or lowfat milk or nonfat skim milk with added safe and suitable microbial organisms and any other milk product made by the addition or subtraction of milkfat or addition of safe and suitable optional ingredients for protein, vitamin or mineral fortification of milk products defined herein. See Kansas Statutes 65-771
  • Person: means any individual, plant operator, partnership, corporation, company, firm, trustee, association or institution. See Kansas Statutes 65-771
  • Secretary: means the secretary of the Kansas department of agriculture, or the secretary's designee. See Kansas Statutes 65-771
  • State: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Kansas Statutes 77-201

(a) The secretary may adopt rules and regulations:

(1) Establishing criteria for the sanitary production, processing, handling, sampling, examination, testing, grading and labeling of all milk, milk products and dairy products sold or produced in the state of Kansas;

(2) providing criteria for the inspection of dairy farms, dairy manufacturing plants, plants fabricating single service articles, milk or cream transfer stations, milk or cream receiving stations, milk haulers and milk distributors;

(3) establishing sanitation standards and equipment and utensil standards for dairy farms, dairy manufacturing plants, plants fabricating single service articles, transfer stations, receiving stations, milk haulers and milk distributors;

(4) establishing standards of identity for milk, milk products and dairy products. Such standards shall take into consideration corresponding federal standards of identity where such standards exist;

(5) prescribing for any person regulated under this act any bookkeeping or reporting requirements deemed necessary by the secretary, including the maintenance of records and making such records available to the secretary;

(6) regarding bacterial and coliform standards or other quality standards for milk, milk products, or dairy products; and

(7) establishing specifications for apparatus and chemicals and procedures for sampling, testing and weighing milk, cream, butter and any other milk products or dairy products. These specifications, directions and other technical requirements shall conform, insofar as practical, to the official methods of analysis of the association of official analytical chemists or any other such similar organization.

(b) Any rules and regulations promulgated under this act shall conform, insofar as practicable, to the pasteurized milk ordinance, and the policies adopted by the interstate milk shippers conference.