Article 9 Crimes Against Public Morals and Decency
Article 12 Animals and Nuisances
Article 18 Prize Fights and Wrestling Matches
Article 25 Identification and Detection of Crimes and Criminals
Article 28 Trading Stamps
Article 51 Preliminary
Article 52 Principles of Criminal Liability
Article 53 Anticipatory Crimes
Article 54 Crimes Against Persons
Article 55 Sex Offenses
Article 56 Crimes Affecting Family Relationships and Children
Article 57 Crimes Involving Controlled Substances
Article 58 Crimes Involving Property
Article 59 Crimes Affecting Government Functions
Article 60 Crimes Affecting Public Trust
Article 61 Crimes Involving Violations of Personal Rights
Article 62 Crimes Against the Public Peace
Article 63 Crimes Against the Public Safety
Article 64 Crimes Against the Public Morals
Article 65 Crimes Affecting Business
Article 66 Sentencing
Article 67 Sentencing; Crimes Committed Prior to July 1, 1993
Article 68 Revised Sentencing Guidelines