§ 40-3401 Definitions
§ 40-3402 Professional liability insurance to be maintained by health care providers as condition of active licensure to render services in state, exception, limits of coverage; information to be furnished by insurer; termination of coverage, notice; contents of
§ 40-3403 Health care stabilization fund, establishment and administration; board of governors, membership, organization, meetings, executive director and staff and general powers and duties; duties of commissioner of insurance; liability of fund; payments from
§ 40-3403a Termination of fund coverage; equivalent insurance required
§ 40-3403b Health care stabilization fund oversight committee; members, compensation and expenses; duties; legislative staff assistance; information provided for actuarial review, confidentiality, exemption from legal process
§ 40-3404 Annual premium surcharge; collection by insurer; penalty for failure of insurer to comply; basis of amount of premium surcharge
§ 40-3406 Investment of health care stabilization fund moneys
§ 40-3407 Payments from fund; claim payments
§ 40-3407a Same; expenditures irrespective of time liability incurred or judgment or settlement made
§ 40-3408 Liability of insurer or self-insurer for injury or death arising out of act or omission of health care provider, limitation; fund coverage excess over liability insurance coverage; permissive exclusions from coverage
§ 40-3409 Service upon board of governors required in action filed in state for injury or death arising out of act or omission of health care provider; time for filing; effect of failure to make service; notification of board of governors required in action file
§ 40-3410 Negotiation of amount of claim to be paid from fund; settlement; procedure for court approval
§ 40-3411 Commencement of actions upon failure to reach settlement or obtain court approval thereof on amount to be paid from fund; defense of action; attorneys’ fees; obligation of provider to attend hearings and trial and give evidence
§ 40-3412 Actions against health care providers or inactive health care providers; no direct action against fund or insurer; inadmissible evidence; fund not liable for certain damages
§ 40-3413 Apportionment of risk among insurers; preparation of plan; contents; approval or disapproval; amendment; preparation by commissioner of insurance, when; order to discontinue unfair or unreasonable activities or activities inconsistent with act; governi
§ 40-3414 Qualification of health care provider or system as self-insurer; cancellation of certificate of self-insurance, grounds; payment of surcharge; Kansas soldiers’ home, Kansas veterans’ home and persons engaged in residency training and persons engaged in
§ 40-3415 Consultation and assistance in maintaining compliance with act
§ 40-3416 Report of suspected violations to regulatory agencies; investigation; report to attorney general; injunctive relief
§ 40-3417 Rules and regulations
§ 40-3418 Severability of act
§ 40-3418a Severability of act
§ 40-3419 Title of act
§ 40-3420 Professional corporation which reorganizes as not-for-profit corporation is continuing concern for purposes of obtaining basic coverage under health care provider insurance availability act
§ 40-3421 Reports by insurers of claims and actions, confidentiality; failure to report, civil penalty; liability of insurers in civil actions
§ 40-3422 Appeal bond
§ 40-3423 Annuities purchased by fund
§ 40-3424 Fund liability for judgments or settlements against inactive health care providers