§ 40-4601 Patient protection act; citation
§ 40-4602 Same; definitions
§ 40-4603 Same; emergency services, prohibitions on health care plan; prior authorization after condition stabilized; post evaluation or post stabilization services
§ 40-4604 Same; medically appropriate health care information; advocating on behalf of insured
§ 40-4605 Same; arrangements which serve as inducement to reduce or limit delivery of medically necessary services prohibited; capitation payments or other risk sharing provisions not considered inducements
§ 40-4606 Same; health insurer required to inform in writing current and prospective insureds of availability of certain information
§ 40-4607 Same; provider network required to be sufficient to ensure covered services accessible without unreasonable delay; determination of sufficiency of provider network; plan to provide for referral of insured to specialists under certain conditions; except
§ 40-4608 Same; rules and regulations
§ 40-4609 Same; gynecological care
§ 40-4621 Uniform prescription drug information card act; name of act
§ 40-4622 Same; definitions
§ 40-4623 Same; required information on card; use of social security number as cardholder identification number prohibited; issuance of card
§ 40-4624 Same; usage of prescription drug information card
§ 40-4625 Same; application of act; rules and regulations
§ 40-4626 Same; powers of commissioner