(1) An agency shall have authority to promulgate administrative regulations that are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
(2) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit an agency from enacting administrative hearing procedures by administrative regulations which are supplemental to the provisions of this chapter.

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 13B.170

  • agency: means each state board, bureau, cabinet, commission, department, authority, officer, or other entity in the executive branch of state government authorized by law to conduct administrative hearings. See Kentucky Statutes 13B.010
  • hearing: means any type of formal adjudicatory proceeding conducted by an agency as required or permitted by statute or regulation to adjudicate the legal rights, duties, privileges, or immunities of a named person. See Kentucky Statutes 13B.010

Effective: July 15, 1996
History: Created 1994 Ky. Acts ch. 382, sec. 17, effective July 15, 1996.