The Cabinet for Health and Family Services shall place a substance in Schedule III if it finds that:
(1) The substance has a potential for abuse less than the substances listed in Schedules I

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 218A.080

  • Cabinet: means the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. See Kentucky Statutes 218A.010
  • Treatment: when used in a criminal justice context, means targeted interventions that focus on criminal risk factors in order to reduce the likelihood of criminal behavior. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010

and II;
(2) The substance has currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States;
(3) Abuse of the substance may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.
Effective: June 20, 2005
History: Amended 2005 Ky. Acts ch. 99, sec. 533, effective June 20, 2005. — Amended
1998 Ky. Acts ch. 426, sec. 476, effective July 15, 1998. — Amended 1974 Ky. Acts ch. 74, Art. VI, sec. 107(3). — Created 1972 Ky. Acts ch. 226, sec. 9.