All statutes, or laws in conflict or inconsistent with the provisions of KRS § 418.040 to
418.090, are hereby repealed. It is intended that KRS § 418.040 to KRS § 418.090 shall be valid to the fullest extent possible; and that the invalidity, if any, of any part or feature thereof, shall not affect or render the remainder of KRS § 418.040 to KRS § 418.090 invalid, or inoperative.

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 418.090

  • Remainder: An interest in property that takes effect in the future at a specified time or after the occurrence of some event, such as the death of a life tenant.

Effective: July 1, 1953
History: Transferred 1952 Ky. Acts ch. 84, sec. 1, effective July 1, 1953, from C.C. sec. 639a-12. — Created 1922 Ky. Acts ch. 83, sec. 12.