§ 69.008 Commonwealth’s and county attorneys prohibited from requesting or requiring victim of alleged sexual offense to submit to polygraph or other examination — Other prohibitions
§ 69.010 Duty of Commonwealth’s attorney to attend to civil cases in Circuit Court — Exceptions
§ 69.013 Duties as special prosecutor — Services outside of judicial circuit
§ 69.030 Duty to advise collector for Commonwealth
§ 69.040 Duty to collect judgments in favor of Commonwealth
§ 69.057 Expenses of Commonwealth’s attorney or county attorney when acting as special prosecutor
§ 69.060 Pro tem Commonwealth’s or county attorney — Appointment — Compensation
§ 69.090 When assistants shall act as Commonwealth’s attorney
§ 69.100 Power of stenographers for Commonwealth’s attorney in county of 200,000 or more to administer oath
§ 69.105 Power of stenographer for Commonwealth’s attorney to administer oath
§ 69.110 Commonwealth detectives — Powers and duties
§ 69.120 Counties having a population of more than 150,000 to pay expenses of Commonwealth’s attorney
§ 69.130 Counties containing a consolidated local government or a city of the first class to provide automobile for Commonwealth’s attorney
§ 69.210 Duties of county attorney
§ 69.230 Improper opening, alteration or discontinuance of road — County attorney to oppose
§ 69.240 Judgments in favor of the Commonwealth — County attorney to collect
§ 69.300 Duties and qualifications of assistant county attorneys
§ 69.310 Duties when county attorney is absent
§ 69.320 Power of stenographer for county attorney in county containing a consolidated local government or a city of the first class in administering oaths
§ 69.350 Employment of victim advocate
§ 69.360 Employment of county detectives — Certification of county detectives in county containing consolidated local government — Service of civil process by county detectives
§ 69.990 Penalties

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