Terms Used In Louisiana Revised Statutes 11:3033

A.  Words and phrases wherever used in this Part, unless a different meaning is clearly indicated by the context, shall have the following meaning:

(1)  “Average salary” shall mean the average annual earnable rate of salary of a member for the thirty-six highest consecutive months during the total service of the member.

(2)  “Board” shall mean the Retirement Board of the City of Bogalusa Retirement System.

(3)  “City” shall mean the city of Bogalusa, Louisiana.

(4)  “Council” shall mean the City Commission Council of Bogalusa, Louisiana.

(5)  “Effective date” shall mean July 1, 1953.

(6)  “Employee” shall mean any appointive officer or employee of the city now or hereafter employed by the city, whose services are compensated by the city in whole or in part, who is not covered by any existing pension fund maintained by the city.

(7)  “Fiscal Year” shall mean the period from July first of one year to June thirtieth of the year next succeeding.

(8)  “Member” shall mean any employee included in the membership of the system.

(9)  “Regular interest” shall mean such rate of interest as is fixed by the board provided that for the first five years of operation of the system the rate shall be three percent per annum compounded annually.

(10)  “Salary” shall mean the amount of compensation earned by a member as an employee of the city.

(11)  “System” shall mean the City of Bogalusa Retirement System.

(12)  “Total service” shall mean service rendered before the operative date of the system, and subsequent thereto.

B.  The masculine pronoun, wherever used, shall include the feminine pronoun.

Acts 1952, No. 184, §3; Designated from Acts 1985, No. 626, §1, by Acts 1991, No. 74, §3, eff. June 25, 1991.