Terms Used In Louisiana Revised Statutes 15:603

            For purposes of this Chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

            (1) “CODIS” means Combined DNA Index System, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national DNA identification index system that allows the storage and exchange of DNA records submitted by state and local forensic DNA laboratories.

            (2) “Criminal justice agency” means any criminal justice agency as defined in R.S. 15:576(3).

            (3) “Deputy secretary” means the deputy secretary of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, public safety services, or the commander of the Louisiana State Police.

            (4) “DNA” means deoxyribonucleic acid, which is located in cells and provides an individual’s personal genetic blueprint and which encodes genetic information that is the basis of human heredity and forensic identification.

            (5) “DNA record” means DNA identification information stored in the state DNA data base or the Combined DNA Index System for the purpose of generating investigative leads or supporting statistical interpretation of DNA test results. The DNA record is the result obtained from the DNA typing tests. The DNA record is comprised of the characteristics of a DNA sample which is of value in establishing the identity of individuals.

            (6) “DNA sample” means a blood, tissue, or bodily fluid sample provided by any person with respect to offenses covered by this Chapter or submitted to the state police criminalistics laboratory pursuant to this Chapter for analysis or storage, or both.

            (7) “FBI” means the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

            (8) “Felony” means any crime for which an offender may be sentenced to death or imprisonment at hard labor.

            (9) “Felony-grade delinquent act” means an offense that if committed by an adult, may be punished by death or by imprisonment at hard labor.

            (10) “Other specified offense” means a commission of the following:

            (a) A violation of R.S. 14:34.2 through 34.5.

            (b) A violation of R.S. 14:35 through 37.

            (c) A violation of R.S. 14:37.3.

            (d) A violation of R.S. 14:38.

            (e) A violation of R.S. 14:38.2.

            (f) A violation of R.S. 14:40.2.

            (g) A violation of R.S. 14:43.1.1.

            (h) A violation of R.S. 14:67.16.

            (i) A violation of R.S. 14:80.1.

            (j) A violation of R.S. 14:81.4.

            (k) A violation of R.S. 14:82.

            (l) A violation of R.S. 14:83 through 83.1.

            (m) A violation of R.S. 14:83.3 through 83.4.

            (n) A violation of R.S. 14:85.

            (o) A violation of R.S. 14:92.

            (p) A violation of R.S. 14:95.

            (q) A violation of R.S. 14:95.8.

            (r) A violation of R.S. 14:107.2.

            (s) A violation of R.S. 14:284.

            (t) A violation of R.S. 14:329.2.

            (11) “State police” means the office of state police or the state police criminalistics laboratory.

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