A.(1)  A certificate of registration which has become inactive may be reactivated pursuant to this Section upon application to the board and payment of a reactivation fee.

(2)  The board may prescribe by rule continuing education requirements as a condition of reactivating a certificate of registration.  The continuing education requirement for reactivating a certificate of registration shall be not less than five hours approved by the board for each year the registration was inactive.  The board shall only approve continuing education that builds upon the basic knowledge of interior design.

(3)  Any certificate of registration which has been inactive for more than four years shall automatically expire if the registrant has not made application for reactivation.  Once a certificate of registration expires, it becomes null and void without any further action by the board.  At least one year prior to expiration of the inactive registration, the board shall give notice to the registrant at his last address of record that, unless reactivated, the certificate of registration will expire.

B.  The board shall adopt rules relating to application procedures for inactive status and for the reactivation of inactive certificates of registration.

Acts 1990, No. 846, §2; Acts 1999, No. 426, §1.