As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings. [1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW).]

1. Authority.  “Authority” means the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority and any successors to that authority.
[ 1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW) .]

Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 23 Sec. 8002

  • Railroad: includes every commercial, interurban and other railway and each and every branch and extension thereof by whatsoever power operated, together with all tracks, bridges, trestles, rights-of-way, subways, tunnels, stations, depots, union depots, ferries, yards, grounds, terminals, terminal facilities, structures and equipment and all other real estate, fixtures and personal property of every kind used in connection therewith, owned, controlled, operated or managed for public use in the transportation of persons or property. See Maine Revised Statutes Title 38 Sec. 659
2. Government agency.  “Government agency” includes any department, agency, commission, bureau, authority, instrumentality and political subdivision of:
A. The Federal Government; [1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW).]

B. The State; [1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW).]

C. Any other state; and [1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW).]

D. Canada and any of its provinces. [2005, c. 312, §1 (AMD).]

[ 2005, c. 312, §1 (AMD) .]

3. Railroad line.  “Railroad line” or “lines” means the right-of-way, track, track appurtenances, ties, bridges, station houses and other appurtenant structures.
[ 1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW) .]


1995, c. 374, §3 (NEW). 2005, c. 312, §1 (AMD).